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Homegrown artist Sean Lam believes that children are capable of self-regulatory learning through inspiring stories.
Grow Up with you is a series of stories surrounding imaginary friends that teach us to love our family, care for our friends, pursue our dreams, and do the right thing even when no one is watching. 
This project is jointly organized and presented by Passion Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. 
Explore the site for all the information you need, and let us know if you have any questions.

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Sean Lam

Graphic Novelist. Author. Artist.

International Award winner Sean Lam was born in Singapore. As a young adolescent, he was fascinated with drawing. In the 1980s, he was exposed to various art from a diverse range of graphic novels ranging from Western comics to Japanese manga and Chinese manhua, which led him to gain a strong interest in this form of art and storytelling. He graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and specialise in traditional and digital art, graphic novel, and story writing.

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Community Art Project

Young children are usually fascinated by the art when they pick up the book. I hope that my artwork can help them understand the emotional background of the set and characters, and bring them into that world to learn about the wonderful stories of faith and goodwill.

~ Sean Lam

Together with PAssionArts & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, we aim to bring together a community-driven art project through Sean's stories.

All of the stories are presented in the Singapore sceneries from the HDB homes, schools, markets, nature parks, and CBD districts. Details are meticulously presented in a timeless mood which is easily identified by readers of all ages. Ethnic groups are presented together with their cultural practices which promote racial harmony as well as social cohesion.

By storytelling, the children can learn about the values of inter-generation family relationships, racial harmony, care, and support for friends. They can also learn to self-regulate during the interactive stories on how to make the right decisions, and pursue their dreams.

The art workshop for children are set with choices of templates and also freestyle drawing to engage a wider range of age group. Colouring templates are offered to adults for a more therapeutic setting. 

We encourage all participants to submit works into the gallery for public viewing, and look out for these works to be presented onto the HDB facade to celebrate National Day!    

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something for everyone


Storytelling not only increases the vocabulary of children, it also enhances their listening skills and thinking capacity. In an interactive setting, we present situations for children to comment on, thus developing their emotional needs and self-efficacy. Participating with parents also increases family bonding.

Workshop for children

Templates are provided for lower and upper primary school children, and we encourage secondary school children and youth to self-expression via a step-by-step guided workshop by the artist. Artwork can be presented in the gallery for public viewing and be part of the wall mural art.

Workshop for adults

We encourage adults to download colouring templates as a form of relaxation art therapy. It has been proven scientifically that colouring reduces stress and anxiety, helps to exercise the brain and nurture the inner artist for a good "me-time". Artworks can be presented in the gallery  for public viewing and be part of the wall mural art.

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