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Imaginary friend: Do you have one?

Any kid would have answer swiftly and with an affirmed nod to positively acknowledge their imaginary, and perhaps baffled at your question, if you didn't have one. Such is the embarrassing moment which you wondered and pondered, and dig deep into your memory archive, if you might have lost an old imaginary friend beyond your childhood. That uncertainty loosen the threads of our subconscious and confronts us if we have abandon our innocence, and became a boring adult along the way.

Disney movie such as Inside out (2015), Bing Bong, the lovable imaginary friend of Riley's that's part elephant, part cat, and part cotton candy tugs the hearts of all viewers. How did we stop playing with an imaginary friend who was our companion at every notable moments of our childhood? Do they take sabbatical leave and not returned because we don't need them anymore, or they are merely replaced by other new interests?

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