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How Art Boosts Self-esteem and Sense of Accomplishments

As parents we love to show our children's artwork to our fellow friends, praise them or place them on fridge doors to boost their self-esteem. Surely when they are drawing, they will not cause as much mischief. :-)

Do you know by displaying our own artwork can instill the same feeling in adults?

When we create art, we are focused, concentrated and has the drive to complete our creation. This is caused by the "feel-good" neurotransmitter dopamine, and it increases as we indulged. Dopamine has been called the “motivation molecule.” It enable us to plan ahead, for example, in colouring - to choose, decide and plan ahead placement, as such it reduces our impulses to merely colour for the sake of filling in.

So next time, do allow yourself to participate and doodle with your kids, who knows you can actually host a small art exhibition at home!

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